If you’re facing sexual harassment at your workplace, here’s what you should do:

  1. Always make it clear to the perpetrator that their behaviour and actions are unwanted, or make you feel uncomfortable
  2. Gather any evidence you have, such as SMS conversations or e-mails
  3. Speak to a co-worker you’re close to about what happened, as they may be able to testify for you
  4. Reach out to the HR department and make a report. Even if you’ve decided to resign, making a report ensures your company is aware of the incident and has a legal obligation to take action
  5. Call AWARE’s helpline (1-800-777-5555) for help and advice. If you feel that the situation is severe, make a police report – the police will conduct an investigation
  6. Alternatively, consult a lawyer. Ask about his/her legal experience in sexual harassment cases before moving forward

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