• Litigation is the formal legal process which takes place when a case is handled through the Singapore Court system. Through legal proceedings conducted in Court, parties whom are involved in a legal dispute obtain the Court’s judgment and decision on how the dispute should be settled.
  • Civil litigation is the formal legal proceedings in Court which take place if the legal dispute relates to a civil case and if the case involves a person’s private rights and liabilities
  • If you are involved in a civil case and seeking to set right an undesirable situation, you may wish to commence civil litigation proceedings to pursue a civil claim against the wrongful party.
  • A civil claim can be started by either a person or a company / organisation with its own separate legal identity.
  • A individual can either represent himself or conduct his own case in a civil claim or appoint a lawyer to represent him in the proceedings.
  • However, a company can only pursue or defend a civil claim through a lawyer.
  • The same rules and guidelines will apply to regardless of whether the case is being conducted by a lawyer or a party who is representing himself.

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