• Security for bail can be provided or pledged in the following ways:
    • Cash
    • Monies in the bailor’s bank savings account (provided no deductions will be made from that account because bank will be notified to freeze the bank account or funds and the bailor will not be able to use the account or funds during the remaining period of bail)
    • Cashier’s Order
    • NETS payment through the bailor’s ATM card and bank account and subject to his daily maximum withdrawal limit
    • Pledging the bailor’s personal properties for a bail amount of up to $15,000
    • Fixed Deposit or Time Deposit from the bailor’s bank account, provided the funds are not already being used as a form of security for another purpose
  • The monies and properties pledged by your bailor must belong to him and not you.
  • Your bailor can only use a bank account for which he is the sole account older i.e. a joint account can only be used as security if both account holders are bailors.

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