• When you plead guilty to a charge, the Court will need to confirm that you understand the nature and consequences of pleading guilty before it is able to accept your plea of guilt and convict you of the charge.
  • A separate open-courtroom hearing (sometimes referred to as a Mention) will be conducted before a Judge and attended by your lawyer (if you are legally represented) and a Prosecuting Officer (e.g. Deputy Public Prosecutor).

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  1. Hubert ee

    Hi.i have a case with police for offensive weapon.but the weapons i have are for display purpose.i didnt use it to hurt anybody with the weapons.i did have a liecence for that l.i just misplace the liecence.i was caught inside the house due to a big fight with my ex.the police came.they saw the samurai.they took it and they arrested me for offensive weapons.my gf was arrested for rash act.will i be charged for the offensive weapon?