• A Witness Statement / Investigation Statement contains your description of the facts and circumstances relating to the offence being investigated:
    • You will be interviewed by a Police officer and a statement will be recorded after the interview.
    • You must tell the truth in this statement and you may be prosecuted for lying or providing false information to the investigators.
    • You must read and, if necessary, amend your statement before signing it to ensure that it contains an accurate account of what you had said during your interview to the investigators
    • You have a right to refuse to make any statement or comment which would expose you to a criminal charge. This also means that you have a right not to admit that you have committed the offence alleged.
    • However, if you are accused of having committed a criminal offence, you must give your full explanation early because it may be viewed as being less believable if you only mention it much later.
  • The contents of your Witness Statement can be used against you in Court if it was recorded from you voluntarily.
  • The statement is considered to have been voluntarily recorded from by you if you had provided the contents and signed the statement on your own free will and without any inducement, threat or promise from the person interviewing you.

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