• There are a number of other Orders that the Court can make when you apply for a PPO.
  • These Orders are given to deal with other potential issues relating to circumstances underlying or surrounding the family violence, such as whether the offender should be physically separated from the victim and prohibited from entering the home where the family violence has occurred or is likely to occur.
  • The Court may make give other directions / instructions to ensure that the Court’s Orders are capable of being carried out
  • Counselling Order: This requires the parties to undergo mandatory / compulsory counselling sessions under the Mandatory Counselling Programme administered by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF).
    • Failure to comply with a Counselling Order to attend counselling sessions is considered an act that is in contempt of Court (and which may be punished with a financial penalty or imprisonment).
    • The Mandatory Counselling Programme mainly aims to achieve the following:
      • Educate the parties on how to resolve conflicts and behave appropriately towards one another
      • Prevent and end the family violence
      • Provide victims of family violence with a source of support and assistance
    • Expedited Order (EO): This is a short-term PPO that is granted on an urgent basis without a full trial being conducted in Court (i.e. without evidence being formally admitted through witnesses for the Court’s consideration).
      • In order to obtain an EO, you must show that there is an imminent danger of family violence (i.e. that family violence is about to be committed).
      • An Expedited Order (EO) lasts for 28 days and may be extended by the Court.


  • Domestic Exclusion Order (DEO): This requires the offender to leave your home or prohibits (i.e. disallows) the offender from entering your home or any part of the home.
    • The Domestic Exclusion Order (DEO) only restricts the offender’s right to reside in the home and does not affect the offender’s ownership of the home
    • A Domestic Exclusion Order (DEO) will be issued if the Court feels that it is necessary for protection or personal safety of you or other family members

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